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SMART Key Data and Attractions

Key Data

Reactor Type Integral PWR
Thermal capacity 330MW(t)
Electrical capacity 100MW(e)
Desalination 40,000 ton/day
Capacity factor 90%
Design Life 60 years
Dimensions of Reactor Vessel Height 18.5m, Diameter 5.99m
Fuel < 5.0 w/o enriched UO2 pellet, 17x17 square FA
Refueling Cycle 36 months
Core Damage Frequency < 5×10-7/RY
Plant Footprint 90,000㎡
Residual Heat Removal System Passive


1. Harmonizing Innovative Concept and Proven Technologies for Licensing and Market Acceptability

SMART basically adopted proven technologies of existing PWR such as 17x17 UO2 fuel technology, large dry containment building, control rod drive mechanism, and reactivity control concept using BP (burnable poison) and soluble boron. Harmonizing these proven technologies with innovative concept of integrated design, modularized vessel, passive system, and fully digitalized control system & MMIS, SMART has achieved comprehensive technology validation.

Harmonizing Innovative Concept and Proven Technologies
for Licensing and Market Acceptability

2. Enhanced Safety

SMART has been designed with several enhanced safety features. Passive residual heat removal system can secure 3 weeks of grace period against Fukushima-type accident. Passive hydrogen removal system can prevent hydrogen explosion. Large containment building can secure low hydrogen concentration and aircraft crash proof. SMART minimized fuel failure and adopted passive ex-vessel cooling features to prevent vessel failure.

3. Fully-Passive Safety Systems

SMART features four (4) reliable full-passive systems: four (4) trains of Passive Containment Cooling System (PCCS), Passive Residual Heat Removal System (PRHRS) which removes residual heat for more than 20 days, four (4) trains of Passive Safety Injection System (PSIS) which provides emergency core cooling in LOCA (Loss-Of-Coolant Accident), and Passive Hydrogen Removal System (PHRS) which prevents hydrogen explosion.

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