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Decommissioning of nuclear facilities

When developing holistic solutions for nuclear decommissioning, we rely on our extensive technical and licencing know-how.

All nuclear facilities have to be decommissioned and dismantled at some point. Besides the maximum period of operation laid down by law, other reasons may be political decisions or economic aspects. The decommissioning of nuclear facilities is a complex task that is a focus of our activities. We develop comprehensive solution concepts for the whole process as well as for individual tasks within the process. For this purpose, we are able to rely on wide-ranging technical and organisational expert knowledge. In doing so, the technical concept development needs to be coordinated in line with the clarification of questions subject to approval. You can benefit from our experience in developing dismantling strategies, compiling studies and technical dismantling concepts, the planning and support or undertaking of licensing processes.

  • Cutting techniques+

    Nuclear facilities comprise a variety of differentcomponents made from different materials and installed under individualspatial conditions. These components need to be segmented safely inmanageable dimensions. Due to the activation of components which havecomplicated geometries or high material thicknesses, the cutting processesare subject to special requirements. We always provide the right technologyfor the job. The combination of cutting procedures and appropriate handlingtechniques ensures a tailored system for your specific task.

    Our solutions:

      Mechanical cutting techniques
    • Band saws
      • Saws with swing frames
      • Two-column guide
      • C-shaped vertically guided saw
    • Disc saws
      • Disc saws with swivel frames
      • Disc saws with linear actuators
    • Wire saws
    • Milling machines
      • Front/end mills
      • Side milling cutters
    • Thermal cutting techniques
    • Oxyfuel flame cutting
    • Plasma arc cutting
    • ontact arc metal cutting
      Hydraulic cutting techniques
    • Water abrasive suspension jet cutting
    • Hydraulic shears
      Retrofitting measures

      It is often the case that parts of the existing infrastructure have to be removed/extended and/or replaced by new components as part of the dismantling work. We plan the necessary infrastructure in accordance with all relevant project sections such as

    • Structural design
    • Mechanical engineering equipment
    • Electrical and control technology
    • Security systems
    • Ventilation systems
    • Waste water and exhaust air monitoring
    • Systems for treatment of waste water
    • Industrial safety, fire protection
    • Radiation protection
    • and provide you with the corresponding components that are specifically adapted to your new situation on-site.
  • Decontamination technologies+

    The removal of radioactive contamination is an integral component of dismantling work. Decontamination prevents unnecessary exposure levels, minimises radioactive waste or enables the reusability of plant components. We deliver decontamination facilities, offer a broad spectrum of mechanical and chemical decontamination technologies and perform decontamination and dismantling work.

    Our solutions:

      Mechanical decontamination
    • High-pressure water jet method
    • Abrasive dry-blasting method
    • Decoating
    • Soil remediation activities
      Chemical decontamination
    • Decontamination in immersion baths
    • Electrochemical methods

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